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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Beloved 3

Sweet Home

Men of Sweet Home

Halle, Paul D., Paul A., Paul F. and Sixo these were the men of Sweet Home. These characters kept the land of Sweet Home. This is also where Sethe met the men. Sixo was a character that was willing to venture off the land to be with his Thirty-Mile Woman. Halle was a nice hardworking man that wins over Sethe. He also bought his mother Baby Suggs' freedom. These men represented a large number of male slaves in the South. It was interesting to see how Morrison developed each of their character.

Owners of Sweet Home
Mr. and Mrs. Garner better owners than Schoolteacher of Sweet Home. I would say for a slave the people of Sweet Home had a 'better life' while the Garners were running the plantation. I wonder how Morrison would have played the book out if she would have reversed the order of owners?

Sethe at Sweet Home

Sweet home was a place for Sethe that brought memories of rape and memories of union. Although Sethe's union to Halle was sex in a corn field witnessed by the other men of Sweet Home it still had a sweet memory for her. Unpleasant moments would occur at Sweet Home for Sethe like Halle witnessing Sethe's rape. This was a place that brought friends together, but also held a thorny spot in her chest. Many references where made by Sethe and Paul D. in the memories they had of Sweet Home and during their flashbacks. I know they must have been hard to relive, but it seemed that they were at peace with their past and looking towards their freedom.


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